Sexual intercourse is a natural instinct in humans for the purpose of pleasuring and reproduction. It exists equally among all the adult men and women regardless of race, religion, community and other barriers. Sexual health consists of the ability to perform for a considerable time without losing the erection and draining of stamina. It also covers cardiovascular health, muscular fitness, metabolic activity, and immunity to diseases and infections.

Women’s sexual health includes hormonal balance, shaping of physique features, regular menstrual cycles, and development of feminine sexual features. Men’s health involves good quality testosterone production, bone and muscle strength, strong erection, and prolonged performance.

Food and Sexual Health – Veggies and Fish as Fundamental Ingredients

Salmon and codfish are the two species that can stimulate sexual urges among men and women. It has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids for making prolonged erections possible. It can also boost your sexual performance.

Sperm count and semen thickness are supposed to increase considerably after the consumption of fish just a few hours before the intercourse. You may also try shrimps and oysters for the strength and stamina that lasts during the intercourse.

All types of raw veggies that include carrot, beet, beans, green-leaf, and sprouts can help to increase muscle strength and stamina in the long run. They can also improve the oxygenation of the blood and improved lung and cardiovascular health.

Elimination of stress and fatigue is one of the key benefits you get from veggies and fish. Your body and mind can stay fresh and rejuvenated for a long time with zero exposure to fatigue.

Spices for prolonged Performance – Garlic and Ginger Show the Way

Almost all the Asian spices from garlic, ginger, cayenne, cardamom, pepper, cloves, and basil are the key spices for improved performance parameters in men and women. Prolonged erections can be satisfied not only for the man but also for the woman’s multiple orgasms.

Spices play a vital role in eliminating all the toxic elements from your body and blood. They increase the blood count, sperm count, and also the production of testosterone in men.

Basil is one of the less known spices that can increase sperm count in men. It is also known to increase the metabolic activities by promoting digestion and elimination of waste.

Physical Workout for Sexual Health – Strength and Stamina Matter

The physical workout doesn’t mean lifting weights or running for miles for commoners like you and I. Early morning walk for 20 minutes, followed by simple bodyweight exercises can keep our body fit and our mind fresh. It is a good practice to reduce smoking and restrict alcohol to wine and beer. These are the two key elements that can keep us fir for life.

An evening walk for 3 miles followed by a fresh hot shower and a glass of red wine, followed by delicious food can keep us in a good mood for sex. The only thing that we need is consistency in our approach to everyday life forever.